Meet Our Team

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Kate Stokes, General Manager

Hailing from Michigan, Kate has always had a desire for adventure and to spend as much time possible outdoors. Before arriving in Telluride, she led bicycle tours with Backroads. Now as the General Manager of the hotel, she brings poise and polish to the role and treats guests like family. She enjoys hiking, biking and skiing and will help you experience Telluride like a local.



Christa Moran, Front Desk

Christa enjoys a balanced lifestyle in Telluride and when she isn’t skiing, hiking or running she can be found cooking, reading about food or writing about food. Be sure to ask her for restaurant suggestions, where to get picnic provisions and what is in season at the Friday Farmers’ Market. Originally from Chicago, Christa began coming to Telluride as a child and knew that this was the place for her. She is extremely knowledgeable about the surrounding area and will make sure you enjoy your time here to the fullest.


Travis Tayrien, Front Desk

It’s hard to say who is responsible for his calm, collective coolness, while at the same time being so eager to learn and easy-going. This dude just smiles. Drop all the plates? He’ll smile. Winter for 11 months? He’ll smile. World ending tomorrow? He’ll smile. You get the idea.


Kendra Norris, Front Desk

Originally from the red dirt of west Texas, Kendra brings a little southern charm to the front desk. When she isn’t out hiking or skiing you can finding her painting or playing her ukulele and crooning to her cat, Harry.

Lindsey Genna, Front Desk 

All the way from the Keystone state, Lindsey’s love of adventure and traveling the country led her to Telluride. You can always find her hiking and discovering new trails with her dog, Loki, or laying in her hammock by a campfire.