Green Hotels Association

According to the World Tourism Organization, there were an estimated 880 million international travelers in 2009. Each national and international traveler leaves behind an environmental footprint.

Every day hotels around the world use thousands of gallons of water and laundry detergent for daily laundering. In addition, energy consumption and waste generated take a hefty toll on the environment. While almost every person contributes to environmental degradation in some small way, if everyone commits to a few simple changes we can save the environment together.

Located high in the San Juan Mountains in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Hotel Columbia sees preserving of our environment and our natural resources to be of utmost importance. As the only ‘Green Hotel Association’ member in Telluride, we are “committed to encouraging, promoting and supporting ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry”.

Below are examples of ways the Hotel Columbia has taken action to help promote our environmental initiative:

  •  Guests are encouraged to make use of ‘green’ room service options (ex. Re-using towels by placing them on the towel racks, opting to use their linens more than once, etc.)
  • Water saving devices are installed within each shower head to save water without affecting water pressure or the enjoyment of the shower.
  • Ever toilet in the Hotel Columbia is a 1.6 GPF low-flow toilet.
  • Each guestroom is equipped with a separate recycle basket. Guests are encouraged to recycle: glass, plastic, aluminum, newspaper, paper and cardboard.
  • Eliminating Styrofoam or paper cups by providing washable/reusable coffee mugs and bathroom tumblers in guestrooms.
  • The use of Environmental Sensitive Amenities.
    • Post-consumer, non-bleach board and boxes
    • Organic based soy ink
    • Vegetable based soap
    • Biodegradable and minimal preservatives liquids
    • No animal testing
  • The use of Energy Star fluorescent lighting in the corridors and fluorescent light bulbs in compatible light fixtures and lamps.
  • Ensuring that lights and other electrical devises are switched off when not in use.
  • Eliminating the need for guests to operate their vehicle by providing a convenient location within walking distance of the center of Telluride and immediate access to the free gondola connecting the Town of Telluride to the town of Mountain Village.
  • Providing free parking for hybrid cars.

By minimizing the impact the Hotel Columbia has on the environment, we aim to create a healthier environment for our guests, our staff and the earth as a whole. You too can contribute to environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry. We ask that you join us in our commitment to being environmentally aware and reducing the impact we as individuals and the Hotel Columbia as a whole has on the environment.