SUP Boarding

The latest activity to gain popularity in Telluride is Stand Up Paddle boarding. Whether you choose to paddle the river or head to one of the surrounding lakes, you will certainly be surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

The easiest route on the river is to enter the river near the Shandoka parking lot off Mahoney Drive. Wind down the curves of the river, take on a few rapids and pull off on a sand bar just to take in the natural beauty. The best place to pull out is right before the tunnel at the spur round about.

If you would rather have a more relaxing paddle, try Trout Lake. Located 14 miles south of Telluride, this peaceful lake offers amazing vistas of Lizard Head Peak, wildflowers and forests of spruce.

For additional information on SUP rentals or guided tours, please visit or ask the concierge team at Hotel Columbia.