Telluride Summertime Love!

Thu Nov. 13, 2014

My favorite time of year in Telluride!  Summer!  It brings warmer weather and clear skies, perfect for exploring the pristine hiking trails and biking trails that start right from the valley floor and right out the front door of Hotel Columbia. Winter’s runoff has unveiled a playground for boaters, rafters and fly fishers starting from the San Miguel River that runs right by Hotel Columbia.  Over the past week, I have played a magnificent 18 hole golf course with the most spectacular views, stand up paddle boarded a mountain lake at 10,000 feet, hiked to over a dozen waterfalls that magically appeared with winter’s run off, biked along the banks of the San Miguel and dined under the setting sun at my favorite restaurants!  There is never a shortage of fun to be had in Telluride!  These summer days just keep me smiling.  What’s not to smile about!  Come out and see for yourself!