Staff Favorites: Winter Activities – Margarita

Thu Jan. 31, 2013

Margarita’s Favorite Winter Activity: Sledding

My favorite winter activity is sledding! It is an easy activity to gear up for and there are plenty of exciting hills to find around Telluride. All it requires are some warm clothes, a fast sled, and of course your family and friends to share the fun and laughter with.
Being brought up in Telluride, sledding was something I enjoyed almost every weekend. I loved finding a great spot and repeating the same run over and over until I was too exhausted to hike up the steep snowy hills one last time. Afterwards, I would go inside and make some hot chocolate, sit in front of the fire, and recall my favorite runs.
Despite being older and slightly less carefree, I still find time to escape and go sledding with my family. One of our favorite spots to sled is Trout Lake, where there are massive snow-packed hills in every direction. We gather several blow-up sleds, which are the fastest and the most exhilarating sleds to ride on, and trudge our way up the smooth powdery snow. At the top of the hill, we scope out our run and jump into our sleds for a long 20-second run. For the most part, the ride is refreshing, although there are occasional crashes that are followed by laughter and cold, frosty faces!
If you visit Telluride in the wintertime, be sure to go sledding. I will gladly recommend some of the best sledding spots in Telluride!